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free wil (the lack of)

i have already deduced that almost every action commited by a sane human, can be attributed to these conditions:
continuing of personal life, or the next generation
raising the chance of mating
getting a better mate, or more mates
increasing these chances for the next generation (personal child)

when you learn this, and truely understand it, then you will have free will.
because you will be able to truely control your descisions. aside from the fact that they are still all unconciously controlled :P


i can't even get to the movie.
i think the begining with all the names is a bloody friggen name generator.
i hate it when people waste my time by posting crap like this, that is of no actual value.

but if it isn't a name generator, and there is a video behind that bloody myraid of names. then shorten it, and put it 5 names at a time.
maybe also with what they did (or group them) like proffesional credits. instead of this dreadful peice of crap.
i sat waiting for 5 minutes for a movie.
no movie.
that means this is bullcrap.

that was boring

what a horribly done flash...
you could have atleast made it look like bombs were dropping, and made the damn bombers face stopping looking like an electric cheese grater.

Mr-Emmet responds:

my cheese grader has holes in it, not macauly culkins face.

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not being mean, but...

i don't mean to bash it..,. but, it's quite short, bad graphics, and infuriatingly low in variation. you can't go down file ladders, and all the levels are pretty much the same, with the exception of annoying enimies that force you to use the newest weapon you've just gotten, or face a selected group of invicibles, who are immune to another weapon type. also meaning, that you get stuck with this new weapon, until the next level at whoch you get another infuriatingly stupid weapon. and when you fire mines, it fire multiple mines at a time, also causing a lack of ammo later on. i know you will have the skill to fix these problems, and if you must, make another game, with more variety, and less gay stick figures. (you can make it, so it's the virus has infected the glowmonkey site, while glowmonkey (the only one that visits that site by the way) was away randomly slaughtering a more unintelligent version of the virus.


lvl 8 was too hard... i got stuck there...

this is nice

the only problem, was there weren't enough levels to evolve to, and i beat him without using a single unit, i beat him with an ion turret (shots are slow to get somewhere, and after the tanks die, the left over bullets hit the base, and do lots of damage... the base is weaker than a hover tank thingy)

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Nice song

As a post below me said, a great base for a song.
But as a frequent drawer (wastes free tiem easily) I understand the 'unfinished' feeling, I get it all the time. When I get the unfinished feeling, I just keep rawing until I can't think of anything to add, and the people around me can't think of anything (decent) either.
You can always go back to a song easier than I can go back to a picture, partly because yours are on the computer and mine are on paper :P That and my style changes over time so I'd kinda get half a pic with one style and another half with a diff. style.

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Tzunami responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean, I look at it every now and then and slam around a few keys for an idea. I'm thinking of just making a Part 2 to it, and keep it going. Thanks for the review.


The opening sound was painful to my ears... Literaly (I hate to say it but that was the first time a sound was ever painful to my ear drums O.o) The song's nice though. Maybe it's cause I' using headsets...

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Just wondering

The songs awsome, but I'm wondering. Theres another song, I can't remember the name, but your beat sounds like a remix of it. I was just wondering :P
Btw, keep it up! I saw one of your songs in the 'new' list this morning. Sadly my un-timely blue screen kept me from getting to it before it had been washed over by more songs.

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